One of the most effective high-repetition training protocols that I have done involves training arms in a very specific way. The principle of the whole workout revolves around the number “30”.  In all of the sets you will try reaching 30 repetitions. It may seems very easy at first glance, but trust me – your arms will be burning like hell! I have discovered this method throughout my career as one of the most effective in stressing the muscle and taking it out of a plateau. The purpose of this method is to cause maximum growth stimulation through extreme increase in blood flow to the working muscle and subsequent improved muscle building environment. The workout is short in duration, but extremely challenging.

In order to choose adequate weight I suggest taking 40% of your 1 RM (maximum weight). In this case if you can lift 70 kg for one rep for the biceps, you will take approximately a 30-kilogram barbell. You will do one exercise for biceps followed by one exercise for triceps. A total of 3 exercises for biceps and 3 for triceps is fine. You will do only 3 sets of each exercise. There is no reason to warm up, as even after the first exercise set you will be “warmed-up like crazy”.

Start with 30 reps, rest for 45 seconds and repeat two more times. Make sure that you reach 30 reps no matter how much it burns and how hard it is. If it is too easy – increase the weight. Do the whole training following this pattern. You will be amazed by the extreme pump and vascularity that you are going to get from such a simple training. I suggest drinking a carb-enriched drink such as Gatorade/Isostar/Powerade during this workout in order to get improved glycogen loading and supreme pump. Do not try this workout if you are on a very low carb diet or fasting protocol.

Try this workout no more than once a month.

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