Getting a good pump is an important factor for muscle growth. In order to induce a substantial blood flow to the working muscle you have to do it in the most effective way possible. I personally recommend supersets to my clients as one of the most useful methods to induce a powerful blood rush to the muscle and to make you feel pumped to the maximum.  In order to make it work right, I suggest combining antagonist muscle groups. For example you can do biceps and triceps, chest and back or hamstrings and quads. Doing such supersets will yield maximum benefit for the shortest period of time. Keep in mind that by doing a whole workout based on supersets, you will save a lot of time. If you structure you arms workout this way it can be done in a matter of 40 minutes, depending on the total volume of working sets.

Anyways, supersets allow you to do one set of biceps followed immediately by a corresponding set of triceps, which leads to substantial blood flow to the arms. The pump you will get from such method is tremendous. While working the biceps you stretch the triceps and by working the triceps you stretch the biceps. This mechanical advantage allows for synchronicity of blood flow, which yields a greater result compared to training biceps separately from triceps. I strongly suggest you do such training once every month in order to chock the muscles and get a ridiculous pump that will make you feel inflated for hours. You can also do supersets for chest and back – this is the real deal – it is very hardcore and your whole body gets pumped a lot. The chest and back are antagonistic muscle groups, so combining them in giant supersets will cause massive pumps and make you feel like the Hulk.

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My suggestion: Every now and then do a whole workout with super sets. If you are doing arms, choose 3 exercises for the triceps and 3 for the biceps and combine them. I suggest 1-2 warm up sets and 2-3 working sets for every pair of exercises. When ding such training make sure that your rep range is high enough, in order to cause massive blood flow to the working muscle and keep it under tension for longer period of time. Do anywhere between 10 and 30 reps. The rep range is high and you will most likely use very small weight, but don’t be worried about this, as this is a completely different method to create an anabolic environment in your muscles. Try it and see for yourself! For more detailed info and personalized programs, be sure to visit my training section on the website. Beast mode on!