Yes, you read it right – you will lift more by simply following these quick tips and applying them to your routine. Many people don’t realize that small changes can result in big improvements. In this article I am going to give you advices to apply to your workouts, which will result in immediate increase in strength. It is a known fact that the more one trains the harder for him is to lift new maximal weights and increase power.

In order to progress, it is very important that you work out with optimum heavy weights, but there are days in which you’re not always able to do that. Follow these tips and you will notice that every workout you will be able to lift as heavy as your potential allows you to at the present moment.

Drink coffee before working out

Coffee contains caffeine as well as numerous other compounds that stimulate focus, power and energy, which come as a result from the increased adrenaline and heart rate. Drinking coffee is scientifically proven to increase your maximal force and thus allows you to lift heavier weights. Take 200 mg of caffeine as pills or drink a quality coffee 15 minutes before hitting the gym.

Rest for 2-5 minutes between heavy sets

Take several minutes of rest between heavy sets on compound exercises like squats and deadlifts. You will immediately notice that you are much stronger and your strength has regained to nearly 100%. You will be able to train more with your maximal weights, which will result in bigger muscles.

Do not eat carbs before working out

Carbs give you energy, but they also make your body more lethargic and this is a big negative right before working out. Avoid carbs before training and you will notice that your mental focus is much sharper, you nervous alertness is better and you will be able to lift heavier weights. Skip carbs 2 hours before your workout.

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Warm up properly

Warming up well before working out can raise body temperature and prepare you for the big weights. Warming up also allows you to get a higher heart rate and mental alertness, which results in better performance during sets with maximal weights. Do the bike or treadmill for 5 minutes on high pace to get the blood flowing and get focused.

Listen to motivating music

Listening to your favorite music leads to increase in adrenaline, which in turns raises your heart rate and make it easier for you to lift near your maximum. Choose some hardcore gym music, put your headphones and start squatting and deadlifting. You will immediately feel much more hyped up and explosive in your movements. I always listen to music when I train – this is my number one motivation in the gym.

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