The quest for perfect symmetry and proportions has always been one of the main components of bodybuilding and fitness. Mass is the number one in importance in bodybuilding, but when we talk about fitness and having an aesthetic body – symmetry and proportions is the name of the game. One of the most important judging factors in bodybuilding has always been the V-taper of an athlete. This is probably the number one symmetry and proportion-defining attribute. Here are the keys to having a well-developed upper body and tips on how to achieve it:

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1. Small Waist – Having a tight and toned midsection is one the most desired attributes of every fitness enthusiast. In order to achieve it, you should do the right exercises and have a very good diet. In terms of nutrition, you should keep a relatively lower carb intake, eat clean, and consume high protein and a lot of vegetables. Eating junk food will never help in achieving your goals, so make sure your are disciplined in your diet. When it comes to training, make sure you train your abs regularly and intensely enough, do variations of side twists and stress on the oblique and serratus muscles of your midsection. It is also important to target the so-called “love handles”, which are the fat deposits to the side of you abs. Another little tip is to use 5 mg Yohimbine HCL 30 minutes before training + L-Carnitine and Coffee. This combination will help in bringing your waist size down for good.

2. Broad Shoulders – Having wide shoulders is a visual illusion, created by having the precise combination of well-developed side shoulder muscles, well developed back latissimus dorsi muscles (so-called wings) and small waist. In order to have well-developed shoulders, you should make sure you train the right muscles in the right way. Perform side lateral raises in the beginning of your shoulder routine in order to focus on them. As a secondary exercise train the rear deltoid, so that you create the impression of a 3-D rounded shoulder (apples and oranges). Leave the front head of the shoulder for the end, as it is overdeveloped in most athletes. Another important tip is to do wide grip pull-ups for wide back muscles and v-shaped appearance. Do not cheat and always strive for controlled vertical motion. Wide grip chin-ups are the best exercise for back width, so make sure you include them in your training routine.

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