Generally I would rarely recommend cheat meals, but people who work out and are not professionals should not make their personal lives completely enslaved to bodybuilding lifestyle and radical diets. Once every 2 weeks it’s OK to have a cheat meal especially when bulking.

When gaining mass you can even have a cheat meal once a week, but keep in mind that the cheat meal itself should be only one and not a whole day of cheating your diet. The best time to have  “forbidden food” is on the day you train legs. I recommend that after leg training you have your cheat meal. After a high volume tiring leg workout the body is extremely exhausted and needs a lot of nutrients. Your metabolism is working very fast and hard in that moment, so you’ll need a high caloric food in order to revive the body and refuel your muscles. After leg training you can go and have 2 big burgers or eat a nice peperoni pizza. You will feel “alive” again and recover much quicker because of the extra amount of carbs, fats and sodium. I suggest you don’t worry too much about packing fat, because the chance of gaining fat from a single meal after training legs is practically zero.

Another good idea is to eat your cheat meal in the morning when it is least likely to get stored as fat. This small treat will make you feel a normal person again…for a while that is. After this you should get into beast mode again!

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