For the past 15+ years I have learned a lot – mainly from the mistakes that I’ve made. In this article I will summarize the 3 common mistakes that kill your gains and how to avoid them. Make sure to read carefully and analyze if you are doing something wrong as well; otherwise you may spend years doing it without even realizing why your progress isn’t what you want it to be.

1. Not sticking to you meal plan – Let me make this as clear as possible: you have to follow each and every meal that you have to consume for the day. Whether you are gaining mass or trying to lose fat the importance of getting all the protein and carbs is a #1 priority. To put it even simpler – if you eat enough you will grow, if you don’t – you won’t. The same hold true for fat loss dieting – if you eat clean and get enough protein – it will work, if you cheat – it won’t. Make sure to have a developed meal plan for the day and stick to it no matter what.

2. No training hard enough – You think you are training hard? Think again! One of the reasons the top athletes in the world are at their best simply because their pain tolerance threshold is above the average athlete. Always be aware of the fact that there is someone out there who outworking you in terms of training harder and more intense. So you really have to give your maximum every time and make sure TO PUSH your body with every workout more and more. Progress comes as a result of constant struggle. The more you train – the bigger stress you will need in order to progress. Always remember that muscles are built with heavy weights – there is NO OTHER WAY!

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3. Going to extremes – Eating 5000 calories per day won’t make you bigger – it will make you fatter. Eating 500 calories per day won’t make you more ripped – it will make you look sick. It is important that you work hard, but SMART. Extremes are bad for you because they put the body under tremendous stress, which causes it to release cortisol and lower insulin sensitivity – both of which are catastrophic for your muscle mass, immune system and general well-being. Never fall for fad diets and keep in mind that the only good nutrition is the one that works best for athletes – optimizing muscle mass and minimizing fat tissues. Strive for what’s optimal in the long run and not what will give you quick results followed by quick disappointment. Remember one thing: it takes “more brains than balls” in order to succeed in fitness.

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