You don’t see progress anymore? You hit a plateau? Gains are hard to achieve? When was the last time your muscles were sore? Do you even push your muscles hard enough?

Well, if you can relate to those questions, then it’s about time you did something new! One of the ways is to introduce a hardcore technique into your workout. Although in most of my workouts I do heavy sets of basic exercises for muscle mass, every now and then I would do a lot of repetitions. But don’t think I do a lot of reps with lighter weights, no, no, no… I do it with HEAVY weights.

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Throughout my experience I have experimented with hundreds of different methods and shocking techniques to stress the muscle and force it to grow. One of the most hardcore and hard to do protocols is the so-called 100 reps bench press. I have developed this method as a result of numerous attempts to stimulate the muscle fibers and cause them to grow bigger, stronger and build strength endurance. The method is very simple, yet it is a true representation of the beast mode mentality. For the purpose I make sure I choose a moderately heavy weight, for me this will be 105 or 110 kilograms. The goal is to do 100 repetitions in the shortest time possible.  You decide how much you want to rest; you decide how many repetitions you do.

In my case I start my first set by doing approximately 16 reps with 110 kilograms, then I take short rest and do another 12-13 reps and so on, until I reach a total of 100 repetitions. During the last sets you may reach as low as 4-5 reps because you are extremely fatigued and the chest muscles are pumped to their maximum. It feels like your pecs are blocked and can’t move anymore. I recommend you chose a weight that allows you to do around 15 reps on the first set and carry on with as much sets as needed until you reach 100 reps total. Don’t forget that time is also important; so don’t take long rest periods. One minute is more than enough. This shocking technique will cause your pecs to get super pumped and feel extremely sore for the next 2-3 days. Try it once to see what I mean. Don’t forget to have a training partner spotting you on this one, because you can easily get stuck under the barbell once you are fatigued. I recommend eating a high-carb meal 2-3 hours before the workout plus 5 grams of creatine and taking BCAA during the workout.

Try it out! Good luck!

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