It’s bulking season and while so many people love it, the truth is bulking isn’t fun for everyone. Here are some of the most common bulking related complaints that I get from people and tips on how to deal with those problems.

Complaint #1 “I can’t eat all that rice”

If you have difficulties eating all the carbs you need to, then make sure you use some kind of quality (preferably organic) ketchup or mustard in order to spice it up a bit. Eating plain white rice may not be the easiest thing, especially when you are bulking and you have to eat it 2-3 times per day in large quantities. My advice is to start by eating as much of the portion as you can handle. Also it is important that you make the meal taste good, in order to be able to eat it all. Keep in mind that recommended carb and protein intakes are always given in raw state, which means that a 100 grams portion of rice will become approximately 300 grams after it is being cooked, since it will absorb a lot of water in the boiling process.

Complaint #2 “My stomach is always full”

When trying to gain weight you have to eat a lot. There are no other options. To get big, you got to eat big, simple as that. When I bulk I eat around 7 times per day because I need to supply the body with a constant flow of vital nutrients needed to support muscle growth. Muscle growth is a very “expensive” process for the body so you need to be in a positive caloric balance, to consume adequate amounts of protein, to eat carbs as well, which will fill up muscle glycogen and will spare amino acids when training. All this means a constant consumption of high quality and calorie food throughout the day. If you feel full all the time, make sure you drink coffee and take digestive enzymes. Both will help a lot with digesting the food faster. Yogurts are also helpful, since they contain beneficial bacteria that is important for the digestive tract.

Complaint #3 “I have to cook and eat every 2-3 hours”

As I always say, most people can visit the gym regularly, but very few are able to cook all their food 24/7 regularly. It takes consistent efforts and discipline to cook all your meals on time and eat every 2-3 hours. However, this is what separates the amateurs from the truly dedicated professionals. You can’t achieve a perfect physique if you eat on-the-go, at restaurants or eating fast food. The easiest way to follow a healthy and cheap diet is to cook it yourself at home. I prefer to eat freshly cooked food, but in this situation I have to cook for half of the day. As a result I prepare all my meals early in the day for 1-2 hours and put them in plastic boxes. After this when it comes time to eat your meal, just open the box and you are done within 10 minutes. No excuses!

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